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Holy mother of Jesus! 35000 notes on my depressing gif!!!

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We lost Earl Ragnar, our favorite Beta fish. 

& we were sure to give him a viking’s funeral as such a magnificent fish as he deserves. 

See you in Valhalla my friend. 

Sail, Ragnar. Sail. 

ur family pet died so u lit him on fire in front of a toddler

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It’s been two weeks in Skye now. Two weeks of motivating myself to trudge through boggy ground to look at geology I struggle to understand…

…alone (for the most-part)

Still, time like this is always put to other uses. Since Tumblr is not facebook, I have some brilliant news!

I have a Girlfriend! Her name is Emily and, whilst the relationship itself hasnt been official for long, it’s been a bloody long time coming.

And I love her. Wholeheartedly. She’s beautiful and kind and intelligent and she knows how to make me smile and laugh. She’s perfect in every way…

…besides the fact she’s Welsh ;)

And the sex… don’t get me started, it’s fantastic! Then we just lay there together, she’ll nuzzle my chest and I’ll put an arm around her and we’ll watch a film or late night telly.

Infact, cuddles are all I really want. That and someone who can make me feel whole.

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